Roach, D., Mize, M. & Cox, D. (2017). “Spoken Words on a Digital Fridge: Playing Toward a Feminist Theory of Games.” Performing Feminist Action: A Toolbox for Feminist Research & Teaching. Peitho. Issue 19.1. Retrieved from:
Cox, D. & Beale, M. (2016). NorthPoint Courtesy Services Development and Design Summary. G|A|M|E: The Italian Journal of Game Studies. 5/2016. Retrieved from:
Extwee (2019), a Twee compiler matching the Twee3 specification written in ES6.
Passage Shell (2019), an Electron-based tool for testing brower-based narrative games.
Rhetoric and Games Search (2017), a prototype web-interface for searching a Zotero database of rhetoric and games studies resources.
The Faerie Princess (2016), a demo GameBoy game written in ANSI C created for BitBitJam3.

Teaching Resources

12+ hours of online tutorials

For over eight years, I've been creating tutorial videos for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and interactive fiction tools like Twine, Ink/Inky, Ren'Py, and ChoiceScript.

200,000+ words

For the last five years, I've been writing guides on everything from the Geolocation API in HTML 5 to how to use the editor Atom.

120+ pages

Since August 2017, I've served as the managing editor for the Twine Cookbook project where I collect, edit, and write examples.